Solar PV

Solar panels 

Solar PV

Are you thinking about installing a solar PV system? Wondering how much Solar PV’s cost or how much they could save you on your energy bills?

We’ve simplified everything you need to know about this low carbon alternative below.

What is Solar PV?

Solar PV 

Solar panels

Solar PV (Solar Photovoltaics) is the creation of electricity using energy from the sun. Direct sunlight isn’t required to create electricity as modern solar PV’s produce electricity through daylight.

National Geographic states that every hour the sun beams more energy onto the earth that will satisfy global needs for a year. Therefore, harnessing and utilising this free energy will reduce our fossil fuels whilst positively benefiting the environment.

How Does Solar PV Work?

Solar power is one of the most effective sources of renewable energy because they utilise the suns energy. When the sun shines over a PV panel an electric field is created. Electricity is produced at a higher rate when the sun is at its strongest. On the other hand, even on cloudy days electricity can still be created.

Solar PV

Why Install A Solar PV System?

  • Use every bit of solar you generate.
  • Gain independence from utility companies.
  • On some systems you can even use Economy 7 to charge your batteries at night and use in the day saving you further money through the winter.
  • Save on your electricity bill. According Money Saving Expert you could save up to £440 a year.

Store Now, Use later

Solar PV

Most households with solar PV’s send around 75% of their generated electricity back to the grid for free. As a result, in the evening when you need it most you pay your utility company to get that electricity back. Typically the going rate per kWh is usually 17p.

With batteries you are effectively becoming your own utility company. You will be generating, storing and using your generated electricity. Above all, giving you energy independence and security for the future.

Most of Koze Home’s solar power solutions are modular in design. In short, you can to add further batteries as and when your needs increase. They are ideal for households where space is a premium, since they can be installed in the loft with your existing PV equipment, under the stairs or garage.


Each property is different so costs will vary. Therefore, the best way to find out how much solar PV’s can reduce your bills is to speak to us directly for a free, no obligation quote.

Still unsure? Why not read through more frequently asked questions

How Long do Solar PV’s Take to Install?

On average Koze Home can fully install Solar PV’s within a day. less than 4 days and, if required, we can partially replace or install a complete radiator or underfloor heating system.

Do Solar PV’s Require a Lot of Maintenance?

Solar PV panels and batteries generally require very little maintenance . Rain will wash away the dirt and dust from the panels due to the angles they are installed at. On the other hand, as long you have a good battery storage installed it should require little maintenance.

Koze Home can complete this task as part of an annual service, leaving you with absolutely no maintenance requirements.

Will Solar PV’s Produce Electricity in the Winter?

In short yes, electricity will still be produced during the winter the months even though there are fewer hours of sunshine. Your solar PV system will not come to a standstill as they are reliant on light.

Do I Need to Coordinate any Other Trades on Site?

No, Koze Home can undertake the entire installation. From providing the complete design, supply, installation and commissioning of the system, without any need for third parties or subcontractors.

In short, we found that the biggest issue for customers is ensuring that everyone knows what and when their responsibility starts and ends. We have found that by offering the complete installation we ensure that we remain in control of the whole process. As well as being entirely responsible for the successful completion of the installation with our in-house installers reporting directly to Ecovision.

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